The Walker family has been involved in the welding industry since 1972. As a young boy Matthews' father and mother instilled solid work and family values into every job they did. Growing up around the shop allowed him to play and learn on CNC machines and fabrication equipment after school and during the summer. His first official job in high school was in the machine sweeping and cleaning. In his free time, he would try and learn as much as possible from the many men who spent their lives working hard in the shop. After the sad loss of his father in 1985, his mother took over the shop and continued to run it successfully. In 1992 they invested in a company by the name of Trailer Axles Incorporated. For the next 24 year the Walker family served the retail and national trailer building community with truckloads of trailer axles and parts. After years of working his way up in the shop and reaching Plant Manager, Matthew decided the best way to move forward would be to change the structure of the business. In 2014 they diversified their business and created Staghorn Industries, LLC. In addition to trailer repair and parts they also started to move into welding projects and custom work. Since that day Staghorn Industries, LLC has become a contender in the welding market for big and small projects. With over 75 years combined experience in welding and fabrication Staghorn Industries, LCC is confident they can satisfy your needs.